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How Do They Work?

Driving Reflections are inspirational affirmations you use in your car like a heads-up display.
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1 - While Parked, Choose Card
2 - Place Holder with Cards on the Dashboard
3 - Read the Reflection

Driving Reflections are a powerful tool making empowering thoughts available to you as you drive.



Safe & Easy to Use!

-Reflects below your sight line.


-Does not obstruct your view or demand your attention.

-Non-slip holder stays put & won’t damage your dashboard.

-Promotes internalization of inspirational affirmations.

- Great for scripture memory.

-Conversation starter with passengers about your faith & God.

-Truths for living in an overstressed world.

Unlike a sticker or window cling that others read outside the car, you read the uplifting affirmations INSIDE the car!

Get fast relief from negative thinking.  Driving Reflections are the perfect traveling companion.

Makes your drive time less stressful and more pleasurable.

TIP for reading the backwards messages: While parked, hold up the cards to your rear view mirror to make your selection!

It has been an amazing journey since 2005 when God called me to create products that would keep the word of God before us - Thank you for the opportunity to serve you all these years!! XoXo In Him

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