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Is your "non-slip" holder slipping across your dashboard?

Check the back of your holder and look at the non-slip there a protective film on the strip?  Once in a while the assembly team forgets to remove the protective film from the non-slip strip.  Just peel the clear protective film off to reveal the non-slip surface.

If your non-slip strips have gotten dusty, just run the holder under tap water and rub the strip with your finger a few times to clean it.  Pat dry with a paper towel and replace your cards in the holder.

If you have a really curved dash and the holder needs an extra strip on the middle of the holder, please call: 952-828-6897 or email soulcare (at) getitinyoursoul (dot) com to request an extra strip for your holder.

If your dash tilts towards you (like a Honda) just turn the holder so the bottom is facing you rather than at the windshield to keep the cards from sliding out. 

In Him,

Jane K. Brown, President
Get It In Your Soul, Inc.

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