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"Take ownership of God’s promises. I never took it to heart that I could really have and say Bible promises until I got Driving Reflections. They are truly empowering!"
Bob – Manchester, VT

"Driving Reflections have had a VERY POSITIVE effect on my commuting drive time and my life!!"
Sue – Milford, CT

"As a sales rep, I spend so much time in my car. Driving Reflections keep me focused on what is most important - my relationship with God."
Linda – Alexandria, VA

"I didn’t realize I was such a negative thinker until I began using Driving Reflections in my car. Now my thoughts are focused on these positive and uplifting Biblically sound messages. My healing has begun!!"
Kathy – Phoenix, AZ

"My favorite thing about Driving Reflections is at night, when driving under street lights, the messages "flash" at me as I’m driving along. It’s like God’s convicting me to pay attention to what he’s telling me!!"
Jim – Eden Prairie, MN

"These are powerful, truly powerful!! It’s all about your thought life! When reading my Driving Reflections, I am energized and renewed!! Thank you Get It In Your Soul!!!"
Kelly – Minneapolis, MN

"My attitude takes a total turn around once I notice my "word from God" reflecting back to me on my windshield."
Gale – Kansas City, MO

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a window sticker? Do other cars read the sayings?
Driving Reflections are for you to read from the inside of your car. The card set lays on your dashboard close to the windshield in a holder with non-slip strips (so it won't slide around on your dash) and the light reflects in through your windshield to reflect the message back to you in the car's windshield.  Truly transformational!! - it has been reported that others passing by their cars have read the messages: "Hey, I like the message you have on your windshield there!!" someone said from another car at a stop light.  Another noticed a passerby stopping to take a look in their car at the message, then walk away approvingly nodding their head.

Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes! If you're not absolutely delighted with any item, simply return it to us at any time for an exchange or refund of its purchase price. This is a lifetime, unconditional, money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Is this a distraction or in any way dangerous to the driver?
No.  The driver momentarily reads the message as he would also read a street sign, dashboard instruments, radio display, time display, etc. Because the words are transparent on the windshield they are not an obstruction to the view of the driver or passenger(s) like something hanging from the rear view mirror would be.  They don't demand your attention like a cell phone or GPS unit.  You choose to glance at it.

It is recommended that the driver or passenger remove, change cards, and replace the holder from its position on the dashboard when the vehicle is in the parked position only. This reduces the incidence for distraction from developing traffic conditions, road perceptions or an errant release of the foot from the brake while reaching for the holder on the dashboard.

How does the reflection work?
The reflection of the message from the dashboard onto the windshield is activated by daylight or streetlights shining through the windshield from the outside and onto the card on the dashboard, thus reflecting the letters back onto the inside windshield. The placement and positioning of the cards near or at the area where the dashboard meets the windshield, brings the reflection to the lower portion of the windshield and permits the driver to shift his attention from the reflected words to the view of traffic conditions ahead of the vehicle without a great change in the focus of his eyes.

Why is the reflection very strong some times and very light other times?
A ghosting or lighter double image of the words reflecting from the cards is an effect from the thickness of the windshield glass and cannot be reduced, but can be ignored by the reader. This effect may be more prevalent in a brighter lighting conditions more so than a lower light condition. The light conditions needed to reflect the image from the cards to the windshield are existent from sunrise to sunset, sunny and cloudy days. In the evening or during darkness, streetlights will provide the same effect as daylight conditions.

How non-slip is the non-slip holder?
Be sure to clean the dust from your dashboard prior to placement of the holder. If a build up of dust collects on the non-slip pads, the holder can safely be rinsed with running water to remove any particles. Be sure to remove your cards before cleaning the pads with water.

I can't read backwards...How do I choose which card I want to expose?
While parked, hold up the cards to your rear view mirror to make your selection.

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