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It has been an amazing journey since 2005 when God called me to create products that would keep the word of God before us.
- Thank you for the opportunity to serve you all these years!!
XoXo in Him, Jane Brown, President (Retiring 12/31/2017)

I love my Driving Reflections!  I have them in my truck; they are so cool!!
Mark Hall - Casting Crowns

I just saw these today for the first time today at my local Hallmark store here in Fargo. Love them... I had to pick one up for myself and one for a RAK for a dear friend. These are wonderful, simply wonderful! My husband and I recently moved fr the Twin Cities to Fargo, and I was happy to hear that a local MN company started this.. it's one great idea.. it's gonna catch on big time.. congrats!  I love mine already!
Bonnie - Fargo, ND

Everyday when I get in my car I shuffle the cards, asking God, "What have you got for me today, Lord?".  I am so amazed as the messages are just what I needed for encouragement that day!!  I am having so much fun with them.
Suzanne - Hinkley, MN

Dear Get It In Your Soul,

As an Independent Living Skills worker, my job involves working with physically and mentally challenged individuals in their home environment. I provide assistance, support and guidance to promote independent living. Recently, I was assisting a coworker in seeing a client who had made poor choices in his personal life and was now dealing with the consequences of those choices. At the time of the visit, the client was angry, and was crying over these poor choices and how this affected his life, and ultimately his relationship with GOD. The client grieved over the wrong path he had chosen for himself and wanted to make amends.

While in the worker’s car traveling to the local food shelf, the client read the Driving Reflection that was reflecting on the car’s windshield on blessings and he related that he was truly blessed and forgiven by GOD. He was now ready to make better choices for himself and walk there in.

Since that meeting, the client has now returned to church and has met with a deacon and is now attending bible study!! Thank you for planting the seed that the Driving Reflections watered so that the client could once again grow in his relationship with GOD.

Diane Overby, ILS Supervisor

I just gave Driving Reflections as gifts and WOW, the response I got was overwhelming. MY teacher’s wife stole his and put it in her car, and won’t give it back, and my other friend’s pastor is going to order more for her congregation. It just keeps going and blessing and I am so happy you guys came to the conference. I will be ordering more later on because I have a lot of birthdays coming up and can think of no better gift than promises from God. Thank you so much for the blessing you have given me and my friends.
Candy – Pensacola, FL

Since putting Driving Reflections on my dashboard, my business has suddenly been very busy!!! It’s interesting how powerful the mind is!!
Jan – Minneapolis, MN

I visited your booth and was very excited about your product. I purchased several… one for myself and the others for gifts. It has been such an encouragement learning scripture by just glancing at the verse from time to time. We spend a lot of time in our van (as do most Moms), so it has been wonderful! I love praying the verses over my children, personalizing it for each of them, as we make our 25 minute drive to and from school. I think all moms would really benefit from this!
Jade - Sioux Falls, SD

I just received your product as a gift...I was so blown away...I carry these type of cards in my purse and when I received your product I was thrilled to see them. I want to purchase a few more for gifts!
Rhonda – Savage, MN

I love your concept and believe that God will use it mightily for His people and kingdom.
Denise – Lamar, MO

I overheard at your booth how you got this started from a dream and the Lord has also given me dreams and you so inspired me. I just want to thank you for your faithfulness and a servant heart and following through what God has asked of you… May your business be blessed as it has blessed me so and may it bring many a heart to the kingdom of Love and Truth.
Kaye – Raytown, MO

This is a REALLY great product!! I love them! My husband, Mom & I all have them and would like to buy more for gifts.
Lisa – Poway, CA

You can’t explain in words how cool these are. They are so powerful!! Like a heads up display for my head!
David – Fortson, GA

Love your statements everyday on my winshield!!!
Mike - Minneapolis, MN

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