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 More than an accessory - it's a Bible study on a scarf!
2 scarves to choose from in 2 fabrics:
Names of God or
Identity in Christ
The Names of God scarf features 135 Bible Verses displaying
the attributes of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit.
Also available: Identity in Christ Scripture Scarf!
Over 125 Bible verses for who God calls you and who you are in Christ.
RETIRED DEC. 31st, 2017 - Only Organic Brown, Names of God available.
 Organic cotton Scripture Scarf
   Original designs created by Jane Brown, President of Get It In Your Soul.  Waves of text resembling "streams of living water" as God's Name is proclaimed in 135 scriptures as a reminder to you of His character and of how God reveals himself to us throughout the Bible. The new Identity in Christ scarf has over 125 Bible verses!

Reminds you who you are & who He is!

Pray the scarf out loud (takes about 5 minutes) and notice a change in the spiritual atmosphere!  Reflecting on God's Names or your Identity in Christ as you wear your scarf develops a deeper devotional connection deepening your relationship with God.

 Scripture ScarfDo you see in yourself what God says about you?
 - Get the Identity in Christ -

Do you see in God what He reveals about Himself?
 - Get the Names of God -

Get to know God better.

Give something inspirational!

Wrap Mom or Grandma in God's Word this Christmas!

 Jane Brown and Thelma Wells
Scripture Scarves:

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 Pashmina Scripture Scarf  Pashmina Scripture Scarf  Pashmina Scripture Scarf
 Pashmina Scripture Scarf
Pashmina Scripture Scarf
 Organic cotton Scripture Scarf
 Organic cotton Scripture Scarf
 Organic cotton Scripture Scarf Organic cotton Scripture Scarf
Scripture Scarves:

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Purple Sacripture ScarfThe colors chosen for the Pashmina Scripture Scarves refer to the colors of the priestly garments God directed to have made in Exodus 28. Scripture Scarf

The Scripture Scarf is designed with the premise that almost every reference to His name has to do with our need and our dependence on His promises.  Here we can understand His heart and mind, work and aims which results in intimate communion and fellowship and be one with we are created in His image, we are image bearers.

TO WEAR YOUR SCARF, find the center and gather the fabric from the outside in and under to expose the text.  Be sure to note that the text is upright and readable to others when you place it on your neck or make a loop to bring the fabric ends through!

TO CARE FOR YOUR SCARF, Organic Cotton/Recycled Poly: Machine wash & tumble dry.  Pashmina linen: Hand or delicate wash cold & line dry, or freshen with steam iron.
To Iron Wrinkles: Be sure to use a medium setting, not hot!  Iron on the BACK side, the non-printed side lightly.  Ironing too long in one place may damage the imprint.

Pashmina Scripture ScarfScripture ScarfOrganic Scripture Scarf Identity in Christ
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